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Welcome to L’ARTISTE

Welcome to L’Artiste – the first of its kind culinary institute of Ahmedabad which turns your passion for cooking into a profession. The passion for cooking can be from childhood or you acquire it as you grow up, so whatever the reason or age group may be, if you are interested in making your career in culinary arts, we will leave no stones unturned to make it happen. We are equipped with world class infrastructure amidst the city, a talented team of highly trained & experienced faculties and an unmatched zeal to change the culinary arts landscape as it is perceived.

L’Artiste – It’s a French word which means an artist. Now, when we think of an ‘artist’, professions that usually come to our mind might be a painter, a photographer or a performance artist like a singer, a dancer, or a guitarist. But have we ever thought of an artist which deals with culinary arts? Have we ever thought about the history, science, and technology and management part of the culinary arts? Have we ever thought of culinary arts as a profession and start an entrepreneurial journey with it? To answer all these questions, we have set up a state-of-art culinary institute in Ahmedabad with a unique vision and mission.


With a unique pedagogy, we wish to redefine the way culinary arts is taught and ultimately treated as a profession. With the help of vast knowledge and expertise in teaching and industry domains of the l’Artiste team, we strive to provide a world class platform to budding culinary arts enthusiasts so that they can excel in the field and have a bright career in the global hotel and food industry.


“A recipe has no soul, you as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe” – Thomas Keller

With the above quote in mind, our vision is to impart the knowledge of food in the most practical and artistic way so that we create a clan of talented individuals who have all the required skills to be employable & entrepreneurial and who puts soul in every recipe that they make. We desire to make l’Artiste a global mainstream brand in the field of culinary arts in coming years.

Chef Ekansh Saxena


Chef Ekansh is a renowned chef and professional hospitality consultant with years of experience. An avid foodie, he had keen interest in food and recipes from childhood which naturally guided him to end up in the hospitality industry. On the education front, he did MBA in Hospitality Management from IGNOU Delhi and worked as trainee chef in leading hospitality brands. After working as a professional chef in some world class restaurants, he had a brief stint as a lecturer in a hotel management institute where he mentored many budding chefs.

After that, he started his entrepreneurial journey of professional hospitality consultant wherein he helped in setting up many restaurants and brand outlets across India which dealt with a variety of cuisines – Hungarian, Continental, Indian to name a few. With this vast experience and knowledge, Chef Ekansh knows the market nerve and so he wants to fulfill the gap between the market needs and offerings. With this in mind, he has set up L’Artiste to create professionals which fills this gap which the market needs.

Mrs. Khushbu Saxena


If Chef Ekansh is the brain and hands of L’Artiste, then Mrs. Khushbu is the heart and soul of it. Mrs. Khushbu is a seasoned and passionate educationist with over a decade of experience in the education sector. Khushbu was always passionate and curious about traveling to different places and knowing its history, due to this she pursued her MBA in tourism management from VNSGU after completing graduation in commerce. After that, she worked as a lecturer in a hospitality management institute. A certified trainer for AHLEI, EDEXEL and IGNOU, she has successfully set up culinary institutes from ground level where she wore hats of many roles like general management, Human resource management, placement coordinator, affiliations with national and international bodies and more. She also holds certification in food production principles. Mrs. Khushbu is always ready to take on new challenges and believes in “Hard work beats talent” and with this thought in mind she has achieved many accomplishments overcoming all the challenges. Owing to these achievements, Mrs. Khushbu is also a guest lecturer in various government and private colleges across the state. She founded L’Artiste Institute with all the experience and knowledge she gathered over the years to help passionate food enthusiasts achieve their dream career in culinary arts.

And that is not everything, a great organization is always formed with a great team and at L’Artiste, we are a family of unmatched professionals with similar mindset and attitude. All our faculty members and lab assistants are equally competent and best in their respective fields.