Master Certificate In Chief Cake Artist

Cake baking is not complex but it is an art. Master certificate in chief cake artiste is an exclusive course that not only teaches cake baking and cake adornment but also teach different types of cake sponge with detail practical of technics and methods. Students will learn distinct cake style – classic, modern and trending. Right from the basic the course moves towards advance topics. This course is carefully designed and cover various aspects of cake which required to become a chief cake artiste. With 80% hands on practical and 20% theory sessions, we will introduce cake embellishment as highly skill oriented program.

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Key Modules


In this section, we will introduce students with some theoretical and practical basics of sponge baking. We will give understanding of the basic principles, functions of ingredients, various steps and techniques involved in cake, composition of sponge, tools & equipment used in cake making with regards to the texture of the product. Students will get practical sessions on various tea and travel cakes, muffins, cupcakes, brownies, blondes and layered cakes with icing and frosting techniques. In advance stage of this course we will guide students and practically prepare distinct style of cake – classic, modern and trending.


In this module students will come across various types of creams and role played by the ingredients in making creams. Students will also learn various classical and contemporary sauces and their uses in desserts. With our hands on practical sessions students will learn whipping creams, mousses, icing, pastes, ganache and sauces.


Any dessert is incomplete without its garnish; hence in this section we will teach how to present it by creating some fantastic edible decorations or toppers which will imply a dessert being COMPLETE! We will demonstrate chocolate garnishes by teaching chocolate techniques of melting,handling and tempering.

We will also teach some immensely tantalizing toppers using Isomalt and Rice papers, thus innovatively teaching how to color and make the cake appealing.


An arena of innovation is where we open the doors of creativity for students with the help of highly skilled artists who will conduct specialized master classes on wedding cake, its appearance and decoration, assembling, handling and presentation. We will also conduct a master class on petite gateau (Miniature cake art) as we believe that miniature artwork does not require a tiny but an enormous amount of creativity in regards to flavors, textures and mesmerizingly appearing desserts.e “Chef’s tips” interspersed to help students be more efficient and prepare quality desserts.